Native American Emergency Relief

Native American Emergency Relief

Fighting Poverty, Hunger, and Despair

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Native American Emergency Relief (NAER) is a program of World Emergency Relief , a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization committed to addressing the critical needs of children for clean water, nutrition, healthcare, and education.   

NAER is dedicated to empowering Native American communities through sustainable and impactful programs. We are deeply committed to preserving and celebrating their rich cultural heritage while striving to address the unique challenges they face today.


Through collaboration, understanding, and respect, we aim to bridge the gap between cultures and foster a brighter, more inclusive future for all. We invite you to explore, engage, and join us in our efforts to support Native American communities on their own journey to a better future. Together, we can create lasting change and honor the heritage that has shaped our shared history.

Current Appeal

Warrior for Love

Many of us forget that at first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims thanked God for sending the local Natives to help them survive the brutal winter. For the true First Americans unfortunately, Thanksgiving serves as a day of mourning and a reminder of broken promises.

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Operation Firewood

In areas like Big Mountain, where most homes lack running water and electricity, families rely on wood burning stoves to heat their homes during the frigid winter. Firewood is urgently needed for hundreds of families in and around the Navajo Nation.

Water Barrel

Water is life!

Life on the reservation is hard, but living without running water is just plain wrong! 30% of Navajos living on the reservation lack access to running water in their homes and it is 90% where we work in Black Mesa. Help us giving a hand by providing 55 gallon water barrels to "water haulers", making the hardship of living without running water a bit more tolerable.


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