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Water is essential for life and has always been sacred to the people of the Navajo Nation. With much of their ancestral lands in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah historically receiving less than 10 inches of rain every year, they know every drop of water counts. But today, clean water is an even rarer commodity for the Navajo. Many of the wells that their families have relied on for generations have been contaminated by arsenic or uranium.

Even when a well is safe, 30% of Navajos living on the reservation lack access to running water in their homes — 90% where we work in Black Mesa.

Our goal is to deliver 100 water barrels to Navajo households without running water. Life on the reservation is hard, but living without running water is just plain wrong! Please help us reach our goal by making a compassionate gift today.

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Desperate and living in nearly third world conditions, Native American's inside the United States are often overlooked. They are plagued with poverty, hunger and despair. Children are often left poorly clothed and unfed. Their cries of misery frequently fall on deaf ears. Native American Emergency Relief understands the desperate conditions that many Native Americans are forced to live in, and is dedicated to improving them.

Native American Emergency Relief outreach makes critical food distributions to the Indians living on the Navajo reservations. In the winter months, firewood is added to the distribution. The children are the last hope of keeping the native traditions alive. We are providing a lift out of a life of loneliness and hopelessness. The compassion of our donors makes everyday living less of a chore.

Fighting poverty, hunger & despair.