About Us

About Us


  • We are committed to transparency and accountability. We pride ourselves on diligently managing the funds entrusted to us, ensuring they are used efficiently and effectively to fulfill our mission. We are dedicated to reporting on our progress and impact, maintaining open communication with our supporters, and adhering to the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct.
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  • NAER is dedicated to empowering Native American communities through sustainable and impactful programs. We are deeply committed to preserving and celebrating their rich cultural heritage while striving to address the unique challenges they face today.


  • Fighting hunger, poverty, and despair. We aim to improve children's lives by building trust and investing resources in Native American communities.


  • NAER works through a network of churches and community groups to deliver practical assistance, making us both financially efficient and immediately sensitive to local culture. Our  help is delivered without regard to race, gender or religion.


  • Includes high quality and culturally appropriate supplies including food, clothing, household items, hygiene products, school supplies, water barrels, firewood, and other essential supplies. By distributing donated commodities, we can increase the power of each dollar our donors give by a factor of ten or more.
  • Community gardens and rainwater harvesting are just a few ways NAER serves Navajos with sustainable and responsible programs. 
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Our Board

  • Gary Becks, Chairman
  • Mark Duzik, Chief Financial Officer
  • Lawrence E. Cutting, Secretary
  • Kristy Scott, Chief Executive Officer
  • Jo Ann Orf, Member

Our Staff

  • Kristy Scott, Chief Executive Officer
  • Mona Reibold, Donor Relations Manager