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Thank you for taking the time to read this information, which we have created especially for people like you, who care about the well-being of Native American children. 

Considering Native American Emergency Relief in your will with a legacy is a wonderful opportunity to make the work from Native American Emergency Relief to be continued. Our organization makes a life-changing difference for many Native American children and their families by providing support out of programs that we fund with the help of donations.


As a rather small organization, we fully exploit the opportunity to involve people in areas where we offer our help. And we work closely with the Native American communities to ensure that our help is delivered exactly where it's most needed. With the support of our generous sponsors, we have already saved hundreds of children's lives and freed many more children from emergencies such as famine and serious illness. Such fundamental differences can make your legacy, because it changes the lives of the Native American children forever.

For many of us, a legacy means the ability to leave a sum we could not afford to donate during our lifetime. And isn't it wonderful to be remembered for supporting a good purpose that is close to your heart, beyond the day?

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Donate stock

When you gift stocks and other securities directly to Native American Emergency Relief, you make an outsized impact without taking money directly out of your bank account. Plus, neither you nor NAER will be taxed on the gains for valued assets you donate. Meet your giving goals, enjoy potential tax benefits, and contribute to the change you want to see. That's a triple win.

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Give from your IRA

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs), also known as IRA Charitable Rollovers, are the savviest way for individuals age 70½ or older to use their IRAs to maximize their charitable impact. Whether you want to make a QCD gift to Native American Emergency Relief today, request a tax acknowledgment letter for a gift already made, or just learn more about QCDs, you can find resources for each.

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Recommend a grant from your Donor advised Fund

Start a grant from your donor-advised fund (DAF). Use the form below to provide details about your intended grant to Native American Emergency Relief from your donor-advised fund. This information makes it easier to locate your gift when it arrives, thank you for your support, and ensure your gift goes to the right place.

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Give cryptocurrency

Donating cryptocurrency is safe, easy, and tax efficient. A donation of appreciated cryptocurrency can help you avoid capital gains taxes and get a big tax deduction. Please use the form below to make your gift. Your name, address, and phone number are optional, but it helps us tremendously to understand who our donors are. Your personal information is never shared, sold, or traded. Your donation does not trigger capital-gains tax and may be tax-deductible.

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Would you like to learn more about legacy giving to Native American Emergency Relief?

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